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Samegrelo (Mengrelia)
Notable people of Samegrelo:
"Maya Chachava is Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing. She was born in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia in 1961. In 1993 she moved to United States.

Maya has BFA in English Language from Tbilisi Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages in Tbilisi and BFA in Spanish from CWU. She did her graduate work at the University of Washington with an MFA degree in Painting in 2000.

Maya Chachava's work has been featured in over 40 group exhibitions including Henry Art Gallery in Seattle , Affif Gallery in Philadelphia , Modern One Gallery in SLC, Stewart Gallery in Boise and New American Paintings in Open Press Studios in MA.

Her work has also been shown in solo exhibitions at Sarah Spurgeon Gallery at CWU, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Allied Arts Center In Richland, Gallery One and Linda Hodges Gallery In Seattle.

Maya Chachava has numerous awards including Dee Research Grant, Utah Arts Council Artist Grant, Marsh Fellowship, Farrell Merit Scholarship and Allied Arts Scholarship.

Maya Chachava was an Assistant Professor at the U of Utah from 2001-2005. She has accepted a position at CWU in 2005 and is currently teaching Painting and Drawing at the Art Department.

Artist Statement

“The self can never be seen with disguise and never be seen without one” M. Strand

I believe in the process of self-development and subsequent expansion of visual ideas. In that regard my work is influenced by things that surround me both physically and mentally.

When I enter my studio, my main objective is to get fully engaged in the piece I am making and not to think about the final outcome. I try to use the inherent properties of the chosen medium and attend to formal issues. If and when I am successful in executing both - my work becomes infused with expressive quality and meaning.

As I paint I always try to search for a mid realm, alternative explanation or belief, where imagination is taken seriously, though not literally.

There are questions that I ask myself constantly as a person and as an artist: Where does reality end and imagination begin? Where and how can memories of the past and visions of the future be retained and expressed, since all I really have is the present moment?

As I look back at the work that I made 10 years ago—I realize that everything was there at some point and my perception of Self, contained within Time, was and is circular in nature. It is manifesting itself as a spiral that is constantly in motion, pushing forward, circling back on itself, with no beginning and no end.

Although most of my paintings have titles, they are never preconceived apriori. The title emerges at the very end when there is nothing else I can add or take away.


MFA in Painting, University of Washington, 1998-2000
BA Fine Arts and Spanish, CWU, 1994-1997
BA English Literature, Tbilisi Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, 1980-1985

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, CWU, Ellensburg, WA, 2005 until present
Assistant Professor, U of Utah, SLC, Utah, 2001-2005
Gallery Director, U of Utah, SLC, Utah, 2001-2004
Art Instructor, CWU, Ellensburg, WA, 2000-2001
Teaching Assistant, U of W, Seattle, WA, 1998-2000
Lecturer, Tbilisi State Pedagogical Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia, 1985-1991
Interpreter, Rustaveli Theater Company, Tbilisi, Georgia, 1990-1992
Interpreter, Georgian Fund: “Democracy and Renaissance”, Tbilisi, Georgia, 1990-1992

Research Interests and Specialties

Collective and individual memory. Transformation of urban landscape and subsequent effect on self-identity. Literature and poetry. Personal and cultural paradigms.

Selected Exhibitions

Square Inch Gallery, New York, October 2007
Impressions West - Coos Bay Museum, OR May 2007
Touching Points - Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle, WA January 2007
Gallery One Visual Arts Center - August 2006
Landscape in the Postmodern, International Biennial Show, Brad Cooper Gallery, Tampa, FL, July 2006
Hot Cakes, National Juried Exhibition, Afif Gallery, Philadelphia, September 2005
La Petite XIII - National Juried Exhibition, Alder Gallery, Oregon, September, 2005
In Transit - Utah Museum Of Fine Arts, SLC, UT, April 2005
Erasing Memories - Gallery One, Ellensburg, WA, March 2005
Whiteout - invitational Regional Exhibition, Modern One Gallery, SLC, Utah, December 2004
Day in May - Invitational Group Show, Steward Gallery, Boise, ID, May 2004
Open Spring Salon - National Juried Exhibition, Springville Museum of Art, UT, April 2004
Utah Artist Grantees Show - Invitational Group Show, Rio Grande Gallery, SLC, UT, January 2003
New Paintings - Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle, WA, January 2003
Utah Alternative - Invitational Group Show, Wells Fargo Center, SLC, UT, April 2002
New Artists - Invitational Group Show, Steward Gallery, Boise, ID, February, 2002
Mini Print Exhibition - Invitational Group Show, U of Utah, Gittins Gallery, January 2002
Seasons - Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle, WA, March, 2001
Convergence - Regional Juried Exhibition, Phinney Art Center, Seattle, WA 2000
Annual Juried Exhibition - Larson Gallery, Yakima, WA, 2000
MFA Annual - New American Paintings - National Juried Exhibition, Open Press Studios, MA, 2000
MFA Thesis Exhibition - Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA 2000
Small landscapes - Gilmartin Gallery, Seattle, WA 1999
Recollections - Allied Arts Center, Richland, WA 1999
Past and Present - Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, CWU, 1997
Annual Juried Exhibition - Gallery One, Ellensburg, WA 1997
Beyond Borders - Juried Regional Show, WWU, WA 1996
Annual Juried Exhibition - Larson Gallery, Yakima, WA 1996


Dee Research Grant - U of Utah, SLC UT 2005
Utah’s Arts Council Grant - SLC UT 2002
John Connolly Award - Gallery One, Annual Juried Exhibition, 2004
J. Picatti Memorial Award - Larson Gallery, Annual Juried Exhibition, 2001
Juror’s Award - Gallery One, Annual Juried Exhibition, 2000
Marsh Fellowship - U of W, Seattle WA, 2000
Spencer Moseley Memorial Scholarship - U of W, Seattle, WA 1999
Allied Arts Fellowship - Richland, WA 1999
Farrell Merit Scholarship - CWU, 1996/97
Best of Show Award - Gallery One, WA 1997
Three-Year Fellowship - CWU, International Programs, 1994/97
Mahajani Scholarship for Outstanding International Student - CWU, 1996
Juror’s Award - Larson Gallery, WA 1996

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